Did Your Child Have A Day Like This?

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. As you consider all of the options, we invite you to learn more about the 164 elementary and secondary Catholic schools serving neighborhoods throughout the Diocese of Cleveland. We believe that where your child spends every school day makes a profound difference in his or her life. If you choose a Catholic school for your child, each day will be filled with the wonder of learning in the context of faith. We invite you to think about the kind of day your child could have every day in a Catholic school.

a day with Faith at the center

What makes the Catholic school experience different from other schools with high academic standards? Faith is the foundation of every Catholic school. How does this make a difference? It begins with our view of your child. As Catholic educators, we believe that your child is more than a student. We believe that your child is a unique individual created by God with special gifts and talents. portabletoiletstrentonnj.com

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We believe that your child has distinct potential that we are privileged to help uncover. With faith at the core of our schools, everything is different. The way we teach, the way we guide, and the way we help to build your childs confidence and esteem all flow from our faith-based belief in your childs inherent value.

a day in a disciplined classroom with freedom to learn

Because Catholic educators work to create disciplined classrooms, all students are free to focus on learning. Our experienced Catholic school teachers and principals work with students to teach them the importance of personal responsibility, self-control, and consideration for others. Consequently, Catholic school classrooms are an excellent environment for learning and creating.

a day with innovative, experienced, and caring teachers

Catholic schools are blessed by the presence of teachers who are committed to your childs success. We have Catholic school teachers who have been recognized nationally and regionally for their creative and effective teaching. Our teachers are also known for their dedication to students and to the entire school community. Teachers in the Diocese of Cleveland are engaged in organized professional development programs and various other efforts to ensure that teaching methods and subject knowledge are continually improved.
Catholic school teachers are offered diocesan-wide staff development opportunities in curriculum, assessment, technology, learning styles, school safety, discipline techniques and much more. Each faculty member of a Catholic school is encouraged and supported through the process of an individual professional development plan to strengthen their leadership in the classroom.

a day with high academic standards and the support to achieve them

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Cleveland continue to demonstrate their success in educating students through excellent results on standardized tests and other assessment methods. Consider these current statistics:

Diocese of Cleveland
Standardized Testing 2001
Iowa Tests of Basic Skills
  • The typical 3rd grader scored higher than 74% of all 3rd graders nationwide.
  • The typical 5th grader scored higher than 74% of all 5th graders nationwide.
  • The typical 7th grader scorder higher than 72% of all 7th graders nationwide.
Diocese of Cleveland
State of Ohio Ninth Grade Proficiency Test

  • 99% passed Writing
  • 99% passed Reading
  • 99% passed Math
  • 99% passed Citizenship
  • 97% passed Science

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a day where learning is fun and service becomes part of life

Catholic schools have demonstrated that learning can be fun. Our teachers have created projects within their schools and beyond that support basic standards and curricular benchmarks. Students are learning to lead their own parent conferences with their work in portfolios, science labs facilitate experimental projects, the internet and technology labs allow children to create PowerPoint presentations and other digital creations, and the arts are integrated into a wide variety of lessons. Teachers are writing grants for drama productions, literary magazine creations, art galleries, in-school wildlife conservatories, and the Kid's Marathon project. Games and computer software are supplementing other classroom materials designed to enhance math and science skills.

Students in Catholic schools have many opportunities to learn the importance of service to others. Students in Catholic schools lead the way in our community in volunteering, collecting food and goods, peer tutoring, involvement in Habitat for Humanity, participating in intergenerational programs, entertaining in the wider community, and much more. The principles of Catholic Social Teaching reinforce the importance of building a just society, and service in the community is one way in which Catholic school students are active in their role to bring about that society.

a day in which you and your childs educators were partners.

We never take for granted the privilege that it is to have a part in educating your child. We know that parents are their childrens first and most influential teachers. When you choose a Catholic school for your child, you are entering into a wonderful partnership with us. We work with you to reinforce the faith and values that you are helping to instill at home. It is impossible to overestimate the role of the parent or guardian in the growth and development of a child. Involved parents are a key factor in the success of Catholic schools. Parents and Catholic school educators form a powerful partnership with a mutual goal: the very best academic education, faith formation, and personal growth for your child. Would you like to know more about the lifelong advantages of a Catholic education for your child? We invite you to contact us or any of the 141 Catholic elementary or 23 Catholic high schools located throughout the Diocese of Cleveland to learn more

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Contact one or more of the schools and have that school send you information or answer your questions over the phone. If you would like to receive general information about Catholic schools please contact us at enrollment@dioceseofcleveland.org and information will be sent to your home promptly.


Every school sets their own tuition. Tuitions can very depending on your school of choice. Often the amount that it costs to educate your child is not the cost that you are charged for your child's education.

Depending on grants and discounts that the school offers and if you receive Diocesan Tuition Assistance, your tuition could be lower than the actual cost.

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Upon contacting the school of your choice you will find more out about tuition costs.

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The Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Cleveland will work together to provide a faith-centered Catholic Education rooted in the Gospel message and evidenced in community life, family life, and Christian witness in service to others.

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